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My name is John Bosworth and I am an Independent Distributor for Telecom Plus

Are you looking for a home based business or an additional bolt-on income stream to your existing business?

The Telecom Plus business opportunity could be what you're looking for.

We're building a successful team of like minded people who are doing just that! Why not join us?

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By becoming an Independent Distributor with Telecom Plus, not only do you gather your own personal customers, but you can introduce new Distributors into the business as well. You are paid an income based on all your team's customers' spend too. As a Telecom Plus Distributor you can earn a Customer Gathering Bonus for every new personal customer; plus a residual income, a regular monthly income of around 3.5% on all services the Utility Warehouse provides your customers such as mobiles, landline phone, broadband, gas and electricity. This is paid every month on every customer you and your team has, building a growing residual income which will give you security and free time in the future.

It's a win-win situation, you simply show others (residential or business) how to save money, guaranteed, on their utility bills, with a single fully itemised monthly bill for all of their services. You have the opportunity to get paid over and over again, building a long term residual income, and that could be long after you have stopped building your Telecom Plus business!
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* Generate an increasing wealth by helping people save money. *  Earn a generous ongoing monthly income. *  No experience necessary. * Free unlimited local and internet based training. *  Full refund of start up fee on gathering 3 customers taking 4 main services within 60 days. *  Upfront bonuses. *  Work the hours to suit you. *   No stock to carry or targets to meet.  *  Share option scheme.  *  Free hosted website to sign up customers.

As a
Telecom Plus Distributor you can also benefit from an exciting range of incentives and bonuses. These include:  *  Owning your own Utility Warehouse branded BMW Mini  *  Driving one of the company's fleet of Porsche Boxsters  * Qualifying for luxury, all expenses paid holidays.
*  Our full help and support as well as a dedicated team at Telecom Plus, if you're successful then we are successful.

Thousands of Distributors have already joined Telecom Plus, and many are earning a significant monthly income which is making a huge difference to their lives, raising funds for community projects close to their hearts, or generating an additional revenue stream for their business. But with one percent of UK households currently using their services, you need not worry about being too late to join.
Join our team today! Click on the link below to watch the 2.5 minute video or give us a call.

Here are some of the benefits of starting your own business as a Telecom Plus Authorised Distributor:

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